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The internet challenge in Uganda

  The internet is obviously one of the biggest avenues that will solve the poverty problem in Africa.The internet will open Africa to markets.It is still a young and hidden treasure for most people in Africa but the possibilities of what one can achieve with the internet are limitless and inconceivable. “Yes, Africa needs capital; in some cases, Africa needs technical assistance; and yes,Africa certainly needs access to markets.

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Choosing your final year research project

Many students find it very hard to find their final year project idea. Indeed it is hard. Everyone is struggling looking for a killer business idea with a reputable business model.Now,i will be clear from the start. If your project does not answer the following questions, then,it is not worth working on.

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Welcome to the MUST Forum

In the 21st Century, decisions about general MUST issues require intense cooperation and understanding between the MUST community at large and those in a position to make and implement policy decisions affecting MUST's internal and extertal image. This Forum at Mbarara University of Science and Technology hopes to provide decision-makers and the community at large with a platform to discuss general issues, policy choices, controversies and Academic related topics, allowing participants to leverage their collective knowledge.

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